Alexwoman Summer Time GamePlay:

Alexwoman Summer Time is a cool adventure game about Alexwoman who is craving ice cream. It’s a hot summer day and ice cream is a treat that everyone wants to have to cool down, right? At free Games friv, you are here to help Alexwoman collect ice cream and go home safely. To have tasty ice cream, she needs to pass a series of obstacles like saws, spikes, giant rotating balls, and so on.

The only thing she can do to avoid them is to jump but she doesn't seem worried because she has you as her companion. Help her go through every single obstacle and survive until she enters her house. You don’t have to finish each level within a given time; therefore, do not rush. Just run slowly and jump at the perfect moment to keep Alexwoman surviving. Ice-scream won’t be smelt under the sunlight.

Also, you don’t have to collect all of the ice creams on each level. Just collect some and run towards the door to unlock the next level. Unlike other platformer or adventure games at https://friv.land/ that give you several lives, Alexwoman has only one life, and each time she hits an obstacle or something dangerous, you know what you have to do next, don’t you? It’s to restart that level. As you proceed, the difficulty of the game significantly increases. More

obstacles are placed there to stop Alexwoman and you. You will need to be twice as careful when taking the action. Do not be afraid to fail. You can restart the level and give it another try. Summer is not hot anymore when you have tasty ice cream. Have fun and check out other games such as Angry Heroes and Among Robots

Instructions; WASD.

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