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Kill Time In Your Office is an interesting game in Friv.land. You are a happy camper while playing this game. You play a role of a white-collar worker. Try your best to relax your mind. Kill Time In Your Office game gladdens you for sure at game friv. Because your work is boring, you need to find cool things to do.  

Kill Time In Your Office free game is so funny. You are working in the office, but you feel your work is so tedious. You just sit on a chair and do your job. You use a computer to work. There is nothing new to do. You do tasks again and again. You don’t want to work your fingers to the bone. What should you do to crack you up on game friv online? The boss is absent now. You take the chance to do something special.

You must do something to kill the time. Make a try to do all tasks during office hours. Be careful of your boss. Don’t let her know what you are doing! If the boss comes out, just click the computer to resume working at game friv free. You boss can appear anytime. She will pass by your working desk then stop to observe and check you twice. If she sees you doing things to kill time, she becomes angry and fires you.

You have 7 things to do. Epilate your eyebrows. Use hair rollers to make your hair wavy. Knit to produce a scarf. Next, you take a nap to restore your energy. Apply cream to create a mask for your face. Wait in some seconds. Paint your toenails with red color. Type a message and send it to your friends. When a mission is completed, Done word appear, and you click on Close button of game friv for kids. You have to finish all tasks in 1 minute 30 seconds. Otherwise, you lose the game. You may replay and begin again.

Each task brings you a number of points. Epilating eyebrows brings you 800 points. You receive 500 points after finishing painting your nails. You get 300 points with the mission of knitting. Sending message, sleeping and applying mask all bring 400 points to you. You have 200 points after using hair rollers. Your score is on the screen.  

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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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