Apocalypse World GamePlay:

Zombie virus is spreading all over the world. Humans are turned into zombies. The world was a peaceful and happy land now has been becoming a hell. Zombies are roaming every corner and you are one of a few people who haven’t been infected with this deadly virus. Now, you have to fight for your own life in this wasteland. Welcome to Apocalypse World. It tests your survival skill and courage.

At play friv, you will discover an open world filled with dangers. It looks like there is no one here but the deadly zombies are lurking everywhere. Arm yourself and ready your gun to shoot them down before they touch you. In this apocalypse world, you can get in any vehicles parked on the road to travel faster and escape if needed. To survive as long as possible is the main objective here.

No one is around you. In this deadly world, just you and hordes of zombies are trying to kill each other. On http://friv.land/, zombies will suddenly appear when you least expect. They crave your brain but they are not smart. They are just dumb living bodies. With wit and wisdom, you can hide or directly attack to kill them once and forever.

This time, just make really dead. Otherwise, you die instead. Immerse in a stunning 3D graphics, freely play and face the most terrible things only in the game. If this genre is your favorite, you also can try 2 following options to enjoy different gameplay: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Run Race 3D.

How to play: WASD/Arrow keys to move and mouse to aim and shoot.

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