Fnaf World GamePlay:

Fans of horror games have played with Freddy and his animatronics for a long time in Friv land, but this time, test your ability to solve the puzzles and bring the peace back to the village with a new version of Fnaf World! A new set of creatures appeared in Animatronic Village, however, Freddy and his friends don't know any of them. You will carry out the task of heading to the jungle, approach these creatures to find out what they are and try to eliminate them.

First, the new players will start off with two new characters, Mad Edno and Snowcone. They stand in different locations in the jungle, so you can choose any of them to approach. Next, it's crucial to assess the threats and ability of the enemies to choose the right skills. Freddy's friends have different skills which can be used to bring the enemies down. For example, with Snowcone, you can use the Mic Toss, Pizza Wheel or Birthday Cake to distract and hypnotize him.

After a while, he will fall down and you can continue on with the next enemy. The game combines the horror and the comedy elements to spice up the ordinary plot. Moreover, this new version of the game at http://friv.land/ is suitable for kids of all ages. If you are curious about this genre, you can try out some more games like Hunter And Props and Gravity Guy

How to play: Use W, A, S, D to control the movement of the animatronic.

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