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App For Kids is one of many educational games for kids at https://friv.land/. If you want your kids to learn and play at the same time, this one is a perfect choice. Here, kids will learn about simple math, numbers, shapes, and the alphabet by playing 6 different games. Game 1 – Listen and repeat. In the first game, kids will learn about 26 letters in the alphabet by listening to audio and repeating. Game 2 – Trace and write letters.

In the second game, kids will trace the letters with a color that they like and then write down the letters by themselves. Game 3 – Math. In the third game, kids will do some simple addition. Game 4 – Find the same letters, shapes, and numbers. Here, kids will flip the cards to find 2 cards with the same shapes, letters, or numbers. Game 5 – Play music. Kids will get used to the musical notes and they can play simple songs.

The sixth game of this Frivcom school fame is about looking for letters in order. Kids will click or tap on letters one by one in order. If they make three mistakes, they have to do it again. These are 6 interesting and educational games for kids. All of them will help kids recognize letters, shapes, and sounds in an interesting way. They won’t feel bored and forced to learn. Kids can choose any games to play instead of exploring them in order.

This game is designed for kids, then there is no limitation here. Feel free to dig into our game collection to find the ones you like to play. Here are our recommendations for you: Color Couple Bump 3D and Super Merge

Controls: Mouse.

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