Kids Airport Adventure Game GamePlay:

Kids Airport Adventure Game is an interesting game for kids in which you will have a chance to experience the things that happen in the airport. Before any long trip, what do you usually do? Packing your luggage is always at the top of the to-do list, isn’t it? Hippo family is going to travel around the world. They will fly from America to Asia, Australia, and more. They need your help to be well-prepared. First of all, they need to buy 4 tickets for 4 members of the family. Before getting on the airplane, the Hippo family and their luggage will be scanned to find out if they bring something dangerous.

At the airport checkpoints, each member takes turns going through the scanning machine. If there's anything the Hippo family can't bring on board, they'll be collected and put in a basket. After their luggage is scanned. The Hippo family will go get it and after that, they will get on the airplane. However, the airplane seems not to be ready. It needs to be fixed and cleaned. It’s time to fix and clean it. All the stuff that you need to finish that work is well-prepared.

Use them to fix and clean the outside and inside of the airplane. And make sure the fuel is full. Each time you play this Frivland kid game, you can fly to only one destination; therefore, feel free to play it several times to discover more cities around the world. If you’re looking for more exciting friv.land kids games like this one, here at adventure- games, you can find a lot of options such as Mowing Simulator and Angry Heroes Birds.

How to play: Mouse.

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