Baby Elsa Hairstyle Design GamePlay:

Baby Elsa wants a new haircut for the new semester. Can you design a fashionable hairstyle for baby Elsa? She is famous for her long and lustrous icy blonde hair and it's perfect for styling. However, before you style the hair, it's crucial to prepare, trim and soften the hair. So you will start off by washing Elsa's hair with the lotion, rinse it and airdry for the best effect.

Then, you can show us your scissors technique by trimming her split ends and shorten the bang a little bit. Next, you can start choosing her hair color or the type of curls for the hair. Make sure that you have a specific style in your mind beforehand because this will make the styling much easier. If you haven't come up with any style, don't worry! Just take the time and test out anything you want. You might get a great result at the end thanks to your imagination, creativeness and artistic side. After completing with a new hairstyle, you can dress baby Elsa in stylish clothes.

Friv land has many options for you, ranging from tops, bottoms to sundresses and accessories. Elsa depends on your styling and she believes that you will make her the most beautiful girl at school.

Don't disappoint the princess and take this chance to showcase your talent at https://friv.land/. The other princesses will need your help in some games like Elsa Royal Pj Party and Guess The Kitty


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