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When it comes to the games for girls from friv for school for kids, you can't go wrong with a game which has so many cute kitties and adorable challenges. It's Guess The Kitty - a new interactive game for girls to share with their besties during the playtime! This game will test your ability to identify the cats just by their breeds and a few snippets of images. Each one of these adorable cats has its own interesting career or comes from a unique breed.


Only by memorizing these features will you be able to identify them later. On each turn, the pictures of the cats will be shown on the game screen, and your task is to choose the correct answer from three available options. If you click on the right profession or breed, you will be rewarded with extra scores. However, the highlight of the game that has gained the attention of the players from friv oyununun is the hilarious and horrifying gameplay.


Making the wrong choice could have some terrible consequences! If you make a mistake, the cats might get shot or a piano could fall on them. Try your best to score many points but don't forget to keep the kitties safe and sound.


This Friv land game at Cute Puppy Care has an extremely adorable layout and the smooth graphics to optimize the players' experience. Girls, come and play with the adorable kitties at http://friv.land/ for free now!


How to play:

Click on the answer with your left mouse. Will you be able to solve these quizzes?

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