Balloon Pop GamePlay:

How many balloons can you break at once? Test your dart throwing skills in one of the best arcade game called Balloon Pop. At play friv, your objective is to pop all balloons in each level without mission any balloons. How can you reach your goal? It seems to be simple, but it isn’t. these balloons don’t stay still. They are moving constantly. You have to aim and throw accurately.

You can break a balloon at a time but don’t miss any of them. Otherwise, you have to play that level from the beginning once again. As you level up, the moving speed of these balloons increases significantly. This makes you find it hard to throw successfully. However, the balls are all symmetrical. You only need to aim at the balloon nearest you, then you can eliminate at least 2 balloons at once.

On friv.land, just using as few darts as possible to earn more points. Hit the balloons with your darts by clicking. It’s simple, isn’t it? Break many colorful balloons at once brings you a satisfying experience. Colorful graphics and fun sound make your gaming experience more exciting. You can’t wait to play until you reach the last level for sure. Discover new content on our site when you complete this amazing dart throwing game. There are so many choices as fun as this game waiting for you to explode. Some of them are Color Hole 3D and Fishing Game.

How to play: Aim and throw your darts at balloons by using your mouse.

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