Fishing Game GamePlay:

Fish is the favorite dish of the little penguin. He is crazy about fish. Today is sunny. It’s a great day for fishing. He wants to go fishing now. Do you want to join him? He may feel bored when fishing alone. He is happy if you come with him. You and the little penguin can go fishing in the river or the ocean. Wherever you go, just try to get as much fish as possible. Fishing Game at friv kids Games offers 2 fishing locations for you to discover.

If you choose to catch fish in the river, you and the lovely penguin will use a fishing-rod. Or if you sail to the sea to catch fish, you will use fishing nets. Each way for fishing gives you a different experience. Using a fishing-rod, you can only catch a fish at once while using fishing nets, you can catch much fish at the same time. On http://friv.land/, during fishing, you may catch a treasure chest.

It may be filled with coins or some useful stuff. It seems to be a lucky day for both of you. You and our little penguin catch so many fish and treasure chests. Nothing better than enjoy a great day and have a favorite meal with the fresh fish that you catch. With cute animations, lovely character and simple but fun gameplay, this game is one of the best games for kids or even adults. Watch a school of fish swimming in front of your eyes and catch some big fish, it’s a satisfying experience ever. Hope you have fun! Play more amazing games such as Color Hole 3D and Subway Surfers 2.

Controls: Use left click to fishing.

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