Color Hole 3D GamePlay:

Simple but addicting games now are ruling the gaming community. There are tons of choices in this genre and Color Hole 3D is the latest title that you should check out. It’s fun, enjoyable and challenging. You a hole around the map of each level trying to collect all white shapes as sugar cubes while avoiding all colored cubes. If you accidentally eat a colored shape or make a white cube fly off the stage at friv Games online, you lose.

Patience is the core of this game. You are no under the pressure of time or any elements, so don’t be rush. Just apply slowly and steadily strategy to beat each level. If you move your bottomless hole too fast, you will swipe the white cubes out of the stage.

Although the speed brings an extremely exciting experience, you don’t want to play a certain level several times, do you? As you process, the game becomes more challenging. Rather than rushing around trying to swallow everything in one bite, you should move slowly and absorb the stuff with precision. On http://friv.land/, you will deal with colored shapes mixed in with white ones.

You can play several times and find the best way to overcome this challenge. It’s not as easy as it seems to be. You have to take action carefully and previously to complete the current level and unlock the next stage. Good luck! Explore other games on our site such as Subway Surfers 2 and Stickman Archer Online. Wish you have a great gaming time here.

Controls: Use your mouse to steer the hole.

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