Basketball Stars GamePlay:

Basketball Stars is one of the best sports games  that you should give a try when you come here. It has super simple but addicting gameplay that can keep you hooked for hours. It brings you a basketball arcade machine to your device. Many people love to play basketball but it’s a team sport. It means you need a team of a maximum of 5 players and compete against an opposing team of 5 players. However, you don't always gather enough people to play basketball. That’s why you should check it out.

Here, your main objective is to throw as many balls into the hoop as you can to reach the specific target at each level. However, things are not simple. You have to reach each target within a given time and if you fail, you have to restart the game. You won’t have a second chance to correct your mistake. Also, you don’t have any power-ups or special items to help you succeed in clearing the mission. Standing in front of the basketball arcade machine, try your best to throw the ball throw the hoop. With a successful throw, you get 1 point. There is no opposing team or teammates here. Your opponent is time. You will compete against time.

At the first level, you have 45 seconds for 40 points. It means on average you have to score 1 point per second. It’s super challenging, isn’t it? The next level is even much harder because you will have less time and the hoop won’t stay still. Instead, it moves non-stop. Are you able to clear each level? The more you practice, the better you become. Furthermore, you can buy new skins for the ball with coins that you earn from each successful level. You can find a lot of amazing Friv.land basketball games in particular and sports games in general, Santa Basket and Tallman Dunk Rush are two of them.

Controls: Mouse.