Spongebob Basketball GamePlay:

You are full of the joys of spring as playing Spongebob Basketball in Friv.land. Do you fancy playing basketball? The moment you get the ball through the hoop is so magical. Spongebob Basketball game is certainly riveting on friv v. Let’s guess how many scores you can get. Keep making spectacular dunks!

Spongebob Basketball free game gives players chance to practice and play as professional basketball players. If you are a fan of this sport, you won’t give it a cold shoulder. You shall practice throwing balls. Throwing balls and getting scores are important and basic skills at friv v games. Get started! 

You don’t play on a pitch but a small model. This is one-player game. You don’t play in a team or compete with opponents. You just throw balls. This is a hoop ahead. The task is to make dunks to get balls through that circle as many as possible. The duration of a match is 150 seconds in friv v player games. Gain points at this time. Each successful is equal to three points. We count down the time and count the score. You always see the points on the display.

You have a ball to play. The zone is surrounded by fences. After you throw, the ball rolls into a trench. You take it and continue dunking. Remember to regulate the power and calculate the direction. A good dunk is the combination of many factors on friv v online games. Don’t waste any seconds. Take the chance and show off. Maybe you couldn’t get points in first times. Don’t worry. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Try hard. It’s worth practicing more and more. 

Play Dunk Shot Online, Dunk Ball, and Spongebob Parkour of http://friv.land/. Assess, comment and rate this sports game. Comments are warmly welcomed. Much time!


  • Use the mouse to make dunks.