Santa Basket GamePlay:

The category of games for Christmas at https://friv.land/ just welcomes a new addition named Santa Basket. It’s actually a basketball game in which your main objective is to get as many scores as possible. Yes, instead of helping Santa Claus prepare Christmas gifts or helping him deliver gifts to children all over the world, here, you will shoot Santa Claus into the basket as many times as you can to set a record.

It’s just like you play basketball. You aim and throw Santa like throwing a ball. To succeed, you have to calculate the right angle and degree of the throw. It may be hard in the beginning but after a few times playing, you will gain experience to make perfect throws. You have 3 chances in each game. Do you see 3 stars in the upper left corner of the screen? Three stars are equivalent to three chances to throw Santa.

And there is a bar at the bottom of the screen. It shows the power of the shot. Depending on the position of the basket, you adjust the angle and the power of each shoot. Here at friv games 2023, if you shoot Santa and he goes through a gift, you get 1000 points. You don’t need to aim and shoot Santa at gifts because you don’t use points for anything.

Then, remember that your target is the basket. After each game or each throw, the basket will be placed in a new position. That makes the game more challenging and exciting. It keeps you hooked and because of that change, you won’t get bored easily. How many scores can you get? Compete against your friends to add competitiveness to the game. Enjoy other exciting games such as  Super Kick 3D: World Cup and Home Sports .

Controls: Mouse.