Bike Blast- Bike Race Rush GamePlay:

Bike Blast- Bike Race Rush has the same gameplay as other endless runner games that you have played at Friv land. Instead of running, you will ride your bike. Before starting the game, you can choose to play as a boy or a girl. Your ultimate goal is to go as far as possible. Besides, riding your bike, you also have a chance to fly and surf your way through the subway and the whole city.

All you need to do here is to blast through the subway, surf through the streets, dodge the oncoming trains, go through the tunnels, jump over the bridges, fly through the sky, grind the rails, slide under the obstacles to protect your life and collect as many coins as possible. It sounds you have so many things to do, right? Stay focused to avoid every single obstacle and pick up everything needed to boost your performance. You have some tasks and missions to complete as well such as collecting 150 coins in one run or jumping 20 times in one run.

Once you finish one of them, you get a reward. Similar to other endless runner games at https://friv.land/, this one also features consumable items and power-ups such as coin magnets, double jump, score doubler, and hang glider. You can collect these items while running and upgrade them with coins in the store to prolong the use time. Besides, don’t miss any mega ramp to enjoy some unforgettable air time.

It seems that every endless runner game has the same gameplay but each of them has its own special features to make them outstanding among several options. Hope you have a great time here and you are sure to have an amazing experience in other games such as Slope Bike and Moto Bike Extra

Instructions: Arrow keys.

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