Slope Bike GamePlay:

You may have played several endless runner games out there and at friv free Games online as well, right? What about an endless bike racing adventure? Welcome to Slope Bike. Ride your bike through a series of slopes and obstacles. Your bike auto-runs towards and your job is to dodge all obstacles, jump over the gaps and go straight to the accelerate slopes to gain momentum to jump over the gaps. If you don’t run through those accelerated slopes, you will fall when passing the gaps. This isn’t a level-based game. However, it still has levels.

When you ride your bike further, you will pass the milestones equivalent to the levels. It means the further you go, the higher level you reach. To be clear, your main objective is to go as far as possible. All you need to do in this game is to dodge obstacles, jump over the games, do not miss any accelerate slopes. This all sounds simple and easy. In fact, it’s insanely challenging. Mostly because you can’t slow down or stop. The riding speed is the same and if you miss your moment, all your efforts will be ruined.

Like other games featuring in-game stores at https://friv.land/, you also want to collect tons of coins to go shopping. In the shop, you can purchase new bikes and some upgrades to have better performance. Be careful each time you pass the gaps and when you move to the right or left because you easily fall. The racing track is in the sky. You have no chance to respawn once you fall.

Keep yourself safe and have a fun journey. When you need to rest from a long journey, find a peaceful place in the following games: Moto Bike Extra and Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle.

Controls: AD or right/left arrow keys to play.

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