Blocky Dash GamePlay:

Blocky Dash is the latest endless runner game at https://friv.land/ that brings you to a blocky world and here, your ultimate objective is to run to the furthest to explore the end of this world. This game has something different from other games of the same genre. You will move between 2 lanes and jump to avoid crashing into vehicles, spikes, bottomless gaps, and more. Your running speed is quite fast; therefore, you have to stay focused on whatever is ahead.

If you hit something, your running journey ends but don’t give up. Let’s give it another try. The more you play, the better you know what you need to do. The views on both sides of the road are beautiful, but don't let that distract you. You have a goal to achieve, remember it? Look at the road to overcoming every single obstacle to reach the furthest. On the way, don’t forget to collect coins to unlock new characters in the store. All characters are the same.

No one has anything special compared to the others. The biggest difference of this game from other endless runner games at friv best Games is that it doesn’t offer power-ups such as magnets or shiels to help you get more coins or save you from dangers. Your achievement depends on your luck and your hand-eye coordination. The path is diagonally across the screen and you will find it quite overwhelming to move between 2 lanes.

This makes you easily crash into the obstacle in front of you. That’s why you have to always stay focused. Break a leg and enjoy your free time in other awesome games such as Flappy Poppy and Stretch Guy

How to play: Left/right arrow keys to move, up arrow key to jump or AD to move, Space to jump.

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