Flappy Poppy GamePlay:

Flappy Poppy is another version of the famous Flappy Bird that you may both love and hate. When playing this game at online friv Games, you may wonder how could something so simple be insanely hard. It can bring you joy and also make you mad. Getting the highest score is indeed what you want. To reach that goal, you need to help Poppy go through as many pipes as possible by clicking or tapping strategy. Poppy can fall so fast and die so soon. The slower is better.

More tapping or clicking isn’t always better in this game. You easily overdo it since Poppy always falls. The gravity is your enemy and you have to fight against it all the time. The key here is to make Poppy move upward and downward following the right rhythm so that this monster won’t touch any pipes. However, it’s easy to find that right rhythm because those pipes are different in height.

That’s why you need to change the pattern base on the height of the pipes. In most games out there and at https://friv.land/, practice always makes perfect but practice doesn't make perfect here. It’s important to pay attention to Poppy and stay calm, and patient all the time. Failure so many times may make you frustrated and mad but the tenser and more stressed you get, the worse you play. If your ultimate goal is to get a high score, let’s take a deep breath after each fail and start over.

Poppy has only one life and you have only one chance each time. Let’s see how far Poppy can go with your help. Enjoy your time and don’t forget that so many games are waiting for you to explore such as Stretch Guy and Baldi's Fun New School Remastered.

Instructions: Tap or click.