Bottle Shooter GamePlay:

Shooting in the bar is such a unique and fun idea, and you can enjoy the fun with Bottle Shooter, a game from Friv land for free! Most of the players can shoot down the objects from a far distance, but will they be able to shoot the moving bottles? In this game, the bottles will be tossed into the air and they will free fall. You need to depend on your observation and your precise aiming skill to shoot down all the bottles.

You can gain extra scores if you manage to blow up many bottles with one shot. At the top of the main screen, there is a combo clock. This particular clock will count the number of bottles destroyed in one shot and it will give you the bonus. These combos will be very valuable, so do your best to gain as many combos as possible. After all, it's all about the final scores in this game at http://friv.land/. Moreover, it's very crucial that you avoid the bombs at all cost. The bombs will also be tossed up in the air as well. Since these bombs mix with the bottles easily, you need to pay attention to distinguish these two.

If you shoot a bomb, the game is over. The gameplay is very simple but you might not be able to stop playing. Let's call some friends and enjoy more amazing games like My Dear Boss and Mr Gun!

How to play: shoot with your left mouse.

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