Juice Bottle Fast Jumps GamePlay:

Juice Bottle Fast Jumps is so easy, but you can’t take your eyes off the game screen at friv.land. You make your own jumps to become the impressive winner at friv. Trust me. You will regret if you don’t play it.

Juice Bottle Fast Jumps game will bring you a new feeling, unforgettable experience, and good fun. 

Juice Bottle Fast Jumps is a very interesting one-player game for kids. You will control a small cute juice bottle. You must move and try to jump over obstacles running along the road to get scores at friv games. A successful jump will give you a score. The more good jumps you take, the higher score you have. Your sharp eyesight and quick- responding ability are very important factors to win the game.  

Join us at friv com to experience the fascinating game. The unpredictable obstacles appear suddenly and run so fast. Therefore, you should be in the zone and make clever jumps. If you are slow to jump and touch the obstacles, you will fail and the game is over at friv online game. Then, your score is stored and you can start a new turn immediately. The number of playing times is unlimited.

You can play no matter how many times you want at friv for free. You will be the best jumper and the most excellent player. Remember, focus on the bottle. Watch out dangerous obstacles. Jump as fast as possible. Are you confident enough to overcome obstructions, have an old hand and make the highest score?

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  • Click the screen to move the bottle and make your jumps.
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