Car Parking 2 GamePlay:

Car Parking 2 is a challenging and addicting car-parking game about driving and parking. You may be good at driving but what about parking? Parking requires a lot of skills and it can be a real challenge for many people. In this game, your main mission is to park your car in the marked slot in each level. Get behind the wheel and show off your skills now. There are 12 levels in total with increasing difficulty as you level up. You just need to follow the arrows. These arrows will lead you to the final destination. Each level doesn’t require you to park your car within a given time. So, do not rush.

Take your time to drive your car to the parking slot. However, you should be careful. Do not hit any obstacles because your car will get damaged. Do you see an HP bar at the top of the screen? If it’s filled with red, it means you make too many mistakes, then, you fail and you have to restart that level. You don’t have to park your car perfectly in the square of the parking slot.

Unlike most of the car-parking games at friv unblocked, imperfect parking is still acceptable in this game. Let’s see how much time you need to complete 12 levels. Keep in mind that the mission becomes more challenging as you progress. Master the speed to avoid crashing. You don’t want to restart a level too many times, do you? Enjoy every moment here and you can expect that more exciting games are added in the near future. So, visit us daily to check out the latest options. While waiting, here are some Frivland racing games that you should try Low Poly Smash Cars and Pocket Drift 3D.


Arrow or wasd keys.