Catchy Ball GamePlay:

Catchy Ball is an easy yet challenging game for all of you who want to test your patience and skill. It’s not hard to play but insanely challenging to master. Here at friv Games for boys, it’s about rugby. However, you won’t compete with the opposing team on the field like a real rugby match. All you have to do here is to catch as many balls as you can. You stand in the center of the screen and the balls are coming to you one by one.

You need to wait for the ball to come close to you and raise your hands to catch it. It sounds super easy but you have to time your action. Raise your hands at the right moment, so you can get the ball. Otherwise, you miss. Just raise your hands later or sooner one second and you can’t catch the ball. As you play several times, you will know when is the perfect moment to make a move.

Here at https://friv.land/, if you perfectly grab the ball in your hands, you get 3 to 5 points. If the ball almost slips out of your hand but you still hold it in your hands, you will earn 1 point. No matter how many scores you get, if you miss one ball, your score resets. You have to restart from zero point. Catch 10 balls in a row will open a special room. No one knows what is inside that room.

Try your best to catch 10 balls and discover that mysterious room. You have a great time here, right? Extend your time of great entertainment with other games like Blumgi Ball and Football Master

Instructions: A – left arm, L – right arm or mouse to play.

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