Celebrity Easter Fashionista GamePlay:

Do you want to celebrate Easter with your best friends like a group of 5 girls in Celebrity Easter Fashionista? Let them show you how to enjoy this holiday. They will celebrate this holiday together and they are planning what to wear at that event. You want to join them, don’t you? They have prepared everything for dress-up and make-up. However, they find it hard to pick out the best ones. Can you help them?

They are best friends but they don’t want to put on clothes that make them look like each other. Each of them has their own unique features that make them suit a specific style. Your job is to find out which style fits each girl. Don’t worry because 5 girls have 5 fashion collections already. You just need to mix and match. From dresses, tops, pants, and shorts to accessories like handbags, necklaces, and earrings, you have many options to think about and they have so many options to try on. Like other dress-up games at girls games, each time you play, you can choose for them only one outfit.

To try more outfits, you should play the game several times. Open their wardrobe and make sure you won’t be surprised by the things inside. The wardrobe is filled with the latest Easter fashion trend. Browse through their wardrobe and start mixing and matching now. Let them put on what you choose and let’s see if it fits them. With the wide range of fashion items that the game offers, the possibility to mix and match different outfits are unlimited. Enjoy the world of Easter fashion and check out other Frivgame dress-up games such as Fashion Girls Love Dating and Anime Princess Dress Up Games.

How to play: Mouse.

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