Supernoob Prison Easter GamePlay:

What is one of the indispensable things in Easter? Give the correct answer and you will be rewarded with a game. The correct answer is the Easter eggs. You’re right and Supernoob Prison Easter is yours. This is another platformer game that you can play for free at friv Games online free. Here, you accompany Supernoob on a fun and challenging mission. Do you know what it is? It’s to collect 12 Easter eggs in prison in each chapter.

Collect all 12 Easter eggs and reach the chest to clear your mission on each level. To collect those eggs, you just need to jump. However, a game won’t be interesting if it doesn’t have any obstacles. While reaching those Easter eggs, you have to watch out for dangers. Avoid bombs dropped from the top of the screen and arrows shot from nowhere.

Just like other adventure games at friv 2, if you get shot or hit by bombs, you lose your life and the mission is unfinished. Remember that only when you collect all 12 easter eggs will the treasure chest become active and you will be able to escape the prison. If you have completed every single chapter in this game and still have time, let’s dig into our massive game collection. Here, you can find all genres of games that you like and the latest option that have just been released.

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WASD or arrow keys.