Chain Disk 2048 GamePlay:

2048 is a popular number-matching game that you may have played once on your smartphone or computer, right? There are so many versions of 2048 at friv Games for free with the same gameplay, but different controls and the way you merge the number. You will experience something new here. Your main objective is obviously to make a dish with the number 2048. Each disk has a number on it. You have to shoot the disk forward and combine 2 disks with the same numbers.

When 2 disks have the same numbers combined, a new disk with a bigger number is created. You have to reach a target for each level. If you fail, you have to restart that level. Here, you won’t move the disks like you move the tiles or blocks in other 2048 games. Instead, you aim and shoot each disk at the target. The game ends when you don’t reach the target of the level and one disk reaches the line at the bottom.

Here at https://friv.land/, when you shoot a disk at a disk, they may bounce off. You need to practice shooting to make the disks with the same number collide with each other. While pushing the disks ahead, you will see some coins appear on the table. If the disk you shoot goes through the coin, you get it. With coins, you can unlock new tables. You may find this version more challenging than other versions because the disks you’ve shot won’t be arranged in rows.

When the new disks are shot, you can’t reach the previous disks as they are covered. Try your best to reach the target. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Orbit Ring and Teen Titans Go! Easter Egg Games

Controls: Mouse.

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