2048 Parkour GamePlay:

2048 is a classic puzzle game that catches the attention of many players around the world. It’s too familiar to you, isn’t it? Do you want to explore a new version of 2048? Let’s check out 2048 Parkour at https://friv.land/. The aim of this version is the same as the original one. However, its gameplay is quite different. You won’t create the biggest number in a grid but on a runway.

There are 2 characters and each of them is carrying a cube with the number 2 on it. You have to combine the existing numbers with the same numbers on the way and create two new numbers and repeat the action until you get the biggest number which is 2048. The number you bring to the finish line is the number of diamonds that you will get. Couples of random numbers are placed on the way from place to place.

You can split two characters or group them together to collect cubes of the right numbers or avoid obstacles. Yes, this Friv land game also features so many obstacles that you don’t want to crash into. For example, cubes with X will stop your way, the gates with the down arrows will halve the number on your cubes while the gates with the arrows will double your number. So watch out for those obstacles.

The key point is to split and group 2 characters at the right moment. If you can master that moment, you easily create the biggest number and get the highest number of diamonds to unlock new skins for your characters. Let’s see how can you deal with the math in this game. Enjoy your time here and in other games such as Deep Blue Turtle and Head 2 Head Tic Tac Toe

Controls: Mouse.

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