Chaos Gun Stickman GamePlay:

How many shooting games have you ever played? Do you remember? It’s hard to count, isn’t it? Today, let us introduce to you a new shooting game that you can play at Friv Land along with other choices of games called Chaos Gun Stickman. It’s real chaos. You have 2 modes to discover including Rank mode and Level mode. In both modes, your ultimate objective is to win over your opponent.

In Rank mode, by winning, you raise your rank while in Level mode, you can only move to the next level by defeating your enemy. If you fail, you stay at that level until you win. It’s not about moving around and shoot at the target. You can’t control your character fully. Sometimes, you can’t control him. He bounces up all the time. You find it hard to go where you want to go. The key point is to aim the barrel at the opponent no matter where he moves.

On https://friv.land/, you and your opponent have limited HP. If you get shot and run out of HP before your enemy, you are the loser. Try to move away from your enemy when you can’t aim and shoot at them and when you are on his shooting range. Try to find the opportunity to fight back and finish his life quickly. Here, you can unlock many weapons and you also can watch an ad to unlock new weapons that have high stats. A gun with great stats gives you more advantages in the battle.

You can take your opponent’s life faster than usual. Enjoy both modes because each offers a special experience of its own way. Have fun in other games such as Viking Tavern and Rambo Hit Em Up.

Controls: Left click to shoot, arrow keys to aim.

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