Stickman Archer 3 GamePlay:

Welcome to the battles of Stickman Archer 3 at Friv.land! Do you take a fancy to archery? Take a bow and shoot. Many perilous opponents just wait for a chance to assassinate you. You will fight as a warrior. Save the life in Stickman Archer 3 game of friv 5. Amuse yourself with getting stars.

The Stickman Archer 3 is an online shooting game for free. You play the role of an archer who uses a bow and arrows to shoot targets. There are 2 modes including arcade mode and waves mode. If you need to be trained, choose the waves mode. You will practice alone. We give you 3 arrows. You are going to shoot targets. When you don’t shoot a target exactly, you lose an arrow at friv 5 online game. Don’t waste them! Targets change quantity and position steadily, so the training course is very challenging. You get a point after a successful shot. We drop golden stars down with airships. You can shoot them to earn stars. After using up 3 arrows, your turn ends. Your existing score and best score will be displayed on the screen. Replay to practice more.

If you have enough confidence to fight, let’s join the arcade mode. Combat an enemy. You stand on the ground while the rival stands on a base which can fly and change its position. Try to shoot the enemy to kill him in friv5 player game. Make good headshots to cause his death immediately. We drop some bonuses such as clocks, hearts, and stars. The clocks bring you some seconds free of attack. The scarlet hearts give more lives. Shoot well to become the winner! If you get a headshot, you will die instantly. Shoot the opponent down before he takes your life away.  

Moreover, we open a custom shop so that you unlock new characters. New archers have powerful weapons and nice costumes. Gain 250 stars to buy great bowmen.
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Use the mouse to play.

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