Christmas Imposter Run GamePlay:

The spirit of Christmas is everywhere. People already decorated Christmas trees and their homes with Christmas decorations. Everything and everyone seems to be ready to welcome Christmas. Here at Friv Land, Christmas also comes to many fun games. One of them is Christmas Imposter Run. Yes, your favorite character in Among Us - one of the most popular games right now can’t wait to celebrate Christmas in their own way.

Have you ever seen anyone celebrate Christmas by running? Now, you will witness and even join this adventure. Let’s start. In this game, you control an imposter to run as far as possible. It’s your main goal. Besides, you also need to collect Christmas gifts. Christmas gift plays as currency and can be used to unlock some helpful means for your journey such as skateboard, segway, firework, and hoverboard.

Like other endless runner games on https://friv.land/, you have to dodge all obstacles. You have 3 lives each time you play. If you hit an obstacle a third time, your journey is over. Then, you know that you have to start from the starting point once again, right? It’s about your hand-eye coordination. Your eyes and your hands have to work at the same time to change the lanes, dodge all obstacles, collect elves and gifts successfully. You may wonder that what are those elves are used for? You can see a bar on the left of your screen. It plays as an energy bar. You fill that bar with elves. Once it’s full, you gain an invincible shield.

Merry Christmas and have a great experience with your favorite imposter. Make sure you check out other games such as Christmas Rush and Christmas Puzzle.


Arrow keys to turn left, turn right, and slide.