City Baby Agent GamePlay:

City Baby Agent will bring you to a city full of threats, bad guys, and more. As a baby agent, you have to clear some missions to keep the city safe. Are you confident to do it? In this City Baby Agent, third-person action game, you have 2 modes to explore including Free Mode and Mission Mode. You have to clear 3 first levels in the Mission mode to unlock the Free Mode. In Mission Mode, you will parachute into the city and start your first mission. You need to grab a car and drive it to target. Run around and get on any cars you want, then drive at full speed to target to clear the first mission. The second mission is to defeat enemies near the fire to rescue innocent people. You can use different ways to kill the bad guys such as punches, shooting at them, and so on. You can pick up vehicles, airbags, weapons, and even money on the road. If it takes time to run to target, feel free to grab a car to move faster. Here at friv.land, after clearing a mission successfully, you get some money and you can use the money to unlock new skins and upgrade your health and strength. Remember that when you get attacked, you will lose some health points. Each mission doesn’t require you to clear it within a certain amount of them but it’s better to do it as quickly as possible because you don’t want this city to be destroyed, do you? Keep yourself safe first before you try to keep the city safe. Break a leg and enjoy other cool games such as and Squid Fighter Gamer.

How to play: WASD to move, mouse to change the camera, and left mouse to interact.

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