City Car Stunt 4 GamePlay:

City Car Stunt 4 is the latest racing game on Friv car racing games 2 player that brings you joy and excitement with 2 different and amazing modes. Show off your driving skills in racing mode or enjoy the speed as you like in free driving mode, what do you like? Just play both of them and have fun with the different experiences that each mode brings to you. To be clear, the racing mode offers 12 racing tracks. And you have to win the first track to move to the next round. It’s hard because you race against awesome racers.

You have to be the first one who reaches the finish line to win that race. If you get second or third place, sorry, you have to start once again. You will be rewarded with coins and use coins to buy new cars or customize the existing ones. Unlike some special racing games that you may have played at https://friv.land/, you don’t have any power-ups to boost your speed or beat your opponents during the race, it all depends on your ability and skills to win.

Take advantage of every opportunity you feel you can overcome your opponents and outrank them. Knowing to seize the moment is very important to win. When you want to leave the competition and have a rest, feel free to enter the free driving mode and just roam around without caring about anything. That mode aims to let players do whatever they want to with you’re their car. Sometimes, simplicity is the best, then even you just drive without purpose, you can find joy from that.

The game also features 2-player mode. Enjoy every moment you spend here and make sure you check out other cool games such as Wheel Duel and School Bus Simulation Master.


Play 1 uses arrow keys to move, N to use nitro, B to look back.

Player 2 uses WASD to move, T to use nitro, C to look back.

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