Wheel Duel GamePlay:

You may have played many types of racing games, right? All of those games may require you to adjust the speed and make use of some upgrades and power-ups to pass other racers. However, in Wheel Duel at Friv boys games, you will race against your opponents in a new way. Are you curious? All you need to do is to change the size of your car’s wheels. Depend on the terrains and obstacles, you make the wheels bigger or smaller. You have several levels to try out and in each level, you compete against only one opponent.

However, it’s not easy to beat him. Your opponent is also a great racer. Like other racing games, to win, you have to be the first one reaching the finish point. Besides, when you reach the finish line, you should change to the big size wheels to dash forward and get a reward as big as possible. These coins are used to upgrade your power, speed, and offline benefit.

On https://friv.land/, upgrading is essential, especially when you advance in the game, you will face tougher opponents and deal with challenging obstacles. Near the end of the track, you will see an item like a pill. Eat it and it will boost your speed to help you go to the final destination faster. You can make sure of some obstacles along the way to overpass your opponent. They can pass you easily as well if you can’t master each obstacle that you meet.

So make sure you don’t make any mistakes on the way. Good luck and check out our huge collection of games for free. Some of the best ones for you are Traffic Run Christmas and School Bus Simulation Master


Slide up to have bigger wheels and slide down to have smaller wheels.

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