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Cool Summer Holiday is a simple and easy yet fun cooking game at friv cooking games. What is your favorite treat in summer? Hot chocolate or ice cream? Obviously, it’s ice cream, right? What's better than eating a glass of ice cream on a hot summer day? You can buy ice cream or make ice cream at home. This game will show you how to do it with a simple recipe.

It has 3 parts including Shopping, Cooking, and Decorating. We go shopping first. Walk around the supermarket and get all the needed items that the game requires such as milk, vanilla, saucers, glasses, hand-mixers, fruits, toppings, and so on. Put all of them into your shopping cart, pay, and bring them home. Now, it’s time to cook. Wash your hand and place all ingredients on the table, then follow these steps.

This friv for school is easy, so even kids can play without parents. Step 1: Pour milk and whipping cream into a big cup. Step 2: Add vanilla and sugar. Step 3: Use a hand-mixer to mix it up. Step 4: Place a zip bag into a bow, then pour the mixture into it. Step 5: Prepare a large zip bag, then put ice cubes into it and add salt, then put the zip bag with milk mixture into the large zip bag. Step 6: Wrap it with a towel. Step 7: Use your hands to shake it. Step 8: Scroop ice cream into a cup. Now, you can decorate your glass of ice cream with fruits, candies, cookies, and other toppings of your choice.

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