Crazy Monsters Memory GamePlay:

A memory card game is a perfect game for the whole family. You need a set of physical cards, and you lay out all the cards face down. Each family member will flip the card and find 2 identical cards. Play in turn until all pairs of cards are found. You have played it before, right? Now, you can enjoy the same experience by playing an online game at friv play Games called Crazy Monsters Memory. This is easy to play, simple and it suits all ages from kids to adults.

All the game requires are observation, concentration, and good memory. Do you have them all? You can play solo or play with someone else. Your main objective is to flip 2 cards each time and try to match them in pairs within a given time. If the cards are not a twin, they are turned back and you keep flipping. The first and second levels are easy because there are some cards.

As you move to level 3 and level 4, it’s the real challenge. More cards appear and the more cards appear, the harder to remember the cards. On https://friv.land/, you don’t help any hints or help to take advantage of them and overcome the challenge. Just keep flipping and try to remember as many cards as you can. Only by flipping, you know which card matches another card. And all the cards in this game are about cute monsters. They are monsters but they are friendly.

Play alone is fun but it is more enjoyable if you challenge your friends or your family members. Enjoy and do you know what awaits you on our site? Cube Run and Sugar Heroes are just two of them.


Use your mouse to flip the cards.

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