Cube Run GamePlay:

Cube Run is a fun game about the cube and run. Two things seem not to be related to each other but in this game, they link to each other. At friv free, you may play several games about running where you run away from something scary or run against other players. Every game has unique gameplay and each brings you different gaming experience and this one is not the exception. You don’t have any opponents here except you. Your main objective is to run to the finish line.

You don’t have to do it within a limited time. However, you have to collect enough cubes along the way, so you can reach the finish line and unlock the next stage. Cubes act as vehicles to get you to your destination. Every contest has challenges that test a player's skills and in this game, obstacles appear along the way. The cubes that you have collected will help you overcome them.

On https://friv.land/, each time you collect a cube, the new cube will overlap the previous cubes to form a pillar and you stand on the top of it. Each time you pass an obstacle, you will lose some cubes equal to the height of the obstacle. It means that if you stand on a pillar made up of 3 cubes and the upcoming obstacle make up of 5 cubes, you can’t pass through it. The pillar must be higher than the obstacle.

One more important thing is that you must have some blocks left when you hit the finish line. Get ready and run! Have a great time here and in other choices as awesome as this one such as Poly Art 3D and Awareness Game: The Robot Bar.


Use the mouse to control your character.

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