Deep .io GamePlay:

Another amazing IO game is available at Friv5 IO games. It’s called Deep .io. This game brings you to the mysterious sea world where the strongest ones are the ruler. You can start the game by choosing to become a fish, blobfish or a worm. Later on, you can evolve your character into bigger and stronger sea creatures. To dominate the leaderboard, you have to swim around the underwater world and eat as many glowing dots as possible to grow bigger. You can eat those who are smaller than you while trying to stay away from the bigger one. By eating, collecting enough experience points, your character will turn into another sea animal and level up. Each character that the game offers have their own ability on Friv land.

Some creatures can only swim deep under the water, some can dig in the earth, some can become invisible and so on. To eliminate the ones are smaller than yours, just simply hit them with your head several times. Besides watching out other players, you also have to pay attention to oxygen, temperature and pressure level bar. If one of these bars drop down, it means you are in danger. There are so many things you should notice.

You can find out all of them when the game is processing. So what more are you looking for? Put a cool name, choose an awesome character and start the thrilling survival journey now. Horn your skills and have more fun with other choices of games available on our site such as Deadwalk .io and Paper .io 2. Instructions: Use your mouse to control the little character.

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