Deep Blue Turtle GamePlay:

Deep Blue Turtle is an interesting endless swimming game. You can find other games that have the same gameplay at free Games friv but each of them has its own special features that make it worth your time playing. Here, your main mission is to guide a turtle to swim back and forth while avoiding poison jellyfishes, spikes, and other obstacles. When the turtle reaches the left and the right wall, it will turn around and keep swimming forwards.

It seems like you’re fighting against gravity as the turtle always comes down. If you don’t click or tap, it will fall to the bottom. You have to time your tap to keep the turtle coming up and down with a suitable rhythm to avoid the jellyfish just the way you do in the famous Flappy Birds that you also can play at https://friv.land/. When you pass a jellyfish, you get 1 point. You will see some marine oysters or mussels at the bottom and the top of the screen.

Sometimes, they will drop pearls. Each pearl is 10 points. Then, when you collect a pearl, you get 10 points. Try to collect as many pearls as possible to boost your point. Like you, your turtle just has only one life. If you hit a jellyfish or an obstacle, the turtle loses its life forever and you have to restart the game. It’s all up to you to keep the turtle safe and sound. You don’t have time to rest.

You have to stay focused and keep an eye on your turtle all the time. Otherwise, it’s easy to lose its life. Good luck and check our other interesting games such as Tricky Track 3D 2 and Princess Parkour.

Instructions: Tap or click.

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