Super Jake Adventure – Jump Run GamePlay:

You can always find the best 2D adventure and platformer games at Friv Land. Every choice of them brings you to the most memorable journey in which you have so many things to discover. Let us introduce to you our latest platformer called Super Jake's Adventure - Jump Run. As its name, you will keep running and jumping to reach your goal. There are 4 worlds and each requires you to complete a certain number of levels.

By finishing all levels of the current world, you unlock the new world to discover. To complete each level, you have to help Jake go from the starting point to the end safely. Its gameplay is quite similar to Super Mario. You collect coins to get more points. You jump on some enemies to kill them. With some special enemies, you have to slash them with your knife or shoot them with your powerful gun. If you can avoid them, just avoid them instead.

On https://friv.land/, you have limited HP. Try your best to pass a checkpoint, so if you die, you respawn at that point without starting from the beginning. Normally, enemies won't actively attack you. If you get damaged, it's usually because you can't avoid them. However, some enemies like the red bird won't fly straight to you and make you lose some HP. For those birds, you have to kill them at all costs.

Otherwise, you can’t go further. Don't forget to eat as many peaches as possible. This fruit increases your ammunition. So, let's start this wonderful journey and after that, let's embark on other adventures in Skate Hooligans and Candy Shuffle Match-3

Controls: Right/left arrow keys or A/D to move, Space or up arrow key to jump, S to use your knife, and F to shoot.

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