Dirt Bike Max Duel GamePlay:

Dirt Bike Max Duel is finally here at Friv games. Are you ready to conquer it? 15 levels in Single-player game mode and epic races against your friend on the same device in 2-player mode are waiting for you. You may have played a lot of dirt bike racing games before and don’t want to try another one. If that’s true, then don’t. Don’t hesitate to give this option a try. It won’t let you down. Here, you have 2 game modes to enjoy.

Single-player mode offers 15 challenging levels in which you are alone on the track. You won’t race against other racers in a race but compete against time. Each level requires you to reach the finish line within a given time. If you need more time to cross the finish line than the target time, you have to restart that level.

A level has 3 checkpoints. It means when you cross one of those checkpoints and you die, you will respawn at that checkpoint. However, if you revive, two seconds will be added to your time. Like other motorbike racing or riding games, the key to surviving and going as long as possible is to keep balance. It’s not about speed because you can’t speed up.

Each time you pass a ramp, you have to make sure that you land safely. Otherwise, you will fall and fail. In 2-player mode, the screen will split into 2 parts. You and your friend will race against each other on the same device. With the money that you earned after each race, you can unlock new bikes in the store. Break a leg and have a great gaming time here as well as in other games such as Traffic Race Motor and Clash Road.

Instructions: Arrow keys and WASD.

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