Excite Bike GamePlay:

Excite Bike is for the bike enthusiasts at Friv land! Join the game to have fun with numerous challenges and amazing races now! The game comes with multiple game modes such as Race Game, Daredevil and Endless. In the ordinary Race Game, your character needs to defeat all the other 3 players by pressing space at the start to stop the bar. The more in the bar, the faster you can start.

You will gain extra points by doing tricks in the air as well, which in turn helps you to increase the speed. Instead, in the Endless mode, you need to showcase your stamina in a long and endless race. How long will you be able to stay in the race? Don't crash into the ramps and you can keep on going. Daredevil is different because, in this mode at http://friv.land/, you have to clear all the trucks using your high speed. We recommend that you should experience all these modes in the game to enjoy all the unique features.

This is a remake of the classic Nintendo game, so the graphics are almost the same with the pixelated theme. In the instruction box, there is a tab called Tricks that you can check out to find the tips and tricks to control the keyboard. By utilizing these features, you can be the best racer in this game and win more racing games such as Burnout Drift and Boat Drive

Instructions: hold the space bar to drive and the mouse to interact.

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