Dolls Surprise Kinder Eggs GamePlay:

Dolls Surprise Kinder Eggs is a great game for kids. Many games for kids are available at Friv Land and this is the latest one that kids should try at least once. Why? Because it’s about chocolate surprise eggs. Each time you open a surprise egg, you will find a surprising toy inside. There's nothing better than opening each egg and discovering what it contains. That’s what children love.

Here, you have no mission to do. There is no limited time or move as well. All you need to do is to tap or click on a giant egg to fill it up, then you get a set of 6 chocolate surprise eggs. After that, you will open each egg and collect the items inside each of them. On https://friv.land/, in fact, you have to finish one mission which is to complete your collection with the items you get from those eggs.

Besides the interesting theme, the simple gameplay is the reason why it’s made for kids. Peel off the shell of a chocolate egg, remove the chocolate layer and let’s see what you find out. Each set of 6 eggs include 1 golden egg and to open this special egg, you have to watch a short video of the ad. That may worth it because this golden egg may contain something unique for your collection. What a great game for kids! It’s sure to give kids, even adults a great gaming time.

Discovering secrets is always something that people enjoy. What about you? Knock every single chocolate surprise egg until the mysterious object is revealed. Have a great experience and many games are here waiting for you to check out such as Princess Magic Gradient and Office Dress Up.

Instructions: Click or tap to open each chocolate egg.