Baseball Kid GamePlay:

Sports games never let players down. This is one of the most popular genres and players of all ages love to play sports games. What about you? The main character today is a baseball game named Baseball Kid. You can play it with many choices of games for free at Friv online. This game puts you in the shoes of a talented pitcher who are the captain of the Black Panthers. Your team joins a baseball pitcher cup and you have to beat about 20 opposing teams to become the winner.

A level is a match and you have to win over your opponent in the current match to move to the next one. It’s not easy. It’s a competition. Play as a pitcher, you have to pitch the baseball toward the catcher. This aims to retire a batter. This guy tries to hit the ball or draw a walk. To pitch the baseball, you have to reproduce firing sequences. It just likes you connect points.

On https://friv.land/, you get a pattern with 4 numbers in each turn. You have to reproduce that pattern within a given time by connecting points. If you make it wrong or make it while time runs out, you lose and you give 1 point to your opposing team. It’s extremely challenging. If you specify the correct starting point, you will likely produce the correct sequence of numbers. Otherwise, you lose 1 point. Once you get it wrong, you can’t correct it.

It means you have only one try each turn. This can be considered a puzzle game. Don’t give up if you lose. The more you play, the better your skill. Have fun and enjoy your free time in other games such as Jungle Bricks and Goat to the moon 2.

How to play: Use your mouse or finger.

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