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Dracula Quest: Run For Blood at friv free Games is a wonderful game for the entire extended family! Only suitable for... everyone! Once upon an time, a small village full of uncooperative humans decided to conduct a final assault on the four most iconic monsters of all time: Dracula, Frankenstein, the werewolf, and the mummy. Take as one of the most best known creatures of the all the time to put an end to the villagers' slaying rampage. Attempted to save the monsters from death, fight against with the foes, beat their BOSS, and beat them all up in this dreamland....

Becoming an lone life form of the night is difficult, and even more so when you have to spend every single one of these nights attempting to run from roof to roof having to look for a beautiful girl to bite. However, this is what you'll be required to do if you want to survive, all while wanting to avoid enemies and impediments in your path.

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Use on-screen buttons or keyboard to move and shoot.

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