Run Sausage Run GamePlay:

Run Sausage Run is a bizarre and funny game at Friv.land. Imagine you are a sausage, a tomato or a potato struggling to survive in a hell kitchen. Your life is always threatened and you beat out challenges to keep you alive. Run Sausage Run game is a life-and-death race on frriv. Run and bend your body to pass traps.
Run Sausage Run online game is a single-player game. It tells about a getaway of a sausage which tries to escape from the evil kitchen. The sausage will run and avoid dangerous traps to save itself. There are plenty of traps. They are guillotines, rotating knives, threshers, cook stoves and all that jazz in frriv game. You have to bend your body and run fast to overcome guillotines.

Determine the right time to run; otherwise, machines cut off your body and you will die. You will not want to see the sausage’s death scene. It’s very frightening. You can get bonuses on the adventure. You can gain a bubble shield to pass through a guillotine once at frriv player game. You may have the power of freezing time to overcome many traps in the short time. Make use of ice to defeat hotplates.

You will get golden coins on the way you run. Run and survive to earn scores as many as possible. The number of your coins is on the screen. You also know your best scores after each game. Use your money to buy new characters.  Graphics in the game is simple and eye-catching. The colors are diversified and bright in frriv online game. You will satisfy the graphic design for sure. There are no levels to pass through. The game just has the only race. You just run and run for your dear life. We record a number of times you play.

You are given the first character which is a sausage. It has pink skin and looks cute. We have many other characters for you to choose. However, you must buy them. You can own a green chili with $100. Use $150 to purchase an eggplant. A shallot costs $200 on frriv for free. A piece of meat costs $250 while you buy a minion named Tim with $300. Characters have separate colors and shapes. They are all food.

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How to play:

  • Tap to run and use the mouse to play.
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