Dragon World GamePlay:

You may play many battle royale games in which you fight against other players to become the last survivor by using weapons like gun, ax and more. This time, how about trying something different? Something is unique and fun. Welcome to Dragon World and welcome to the battle between mighty dragons. Here at Friv3 action games, your ultimate goal is to become the last dragon standing. Have you ever tried it before? If the answer is no, then it’s time to enjoy. If the answer is yes, enter the battle in this game and you will have more fun.

On http://friv.land/, you start the game by entering a room of other players or create your own room and wait for other players to join. A battle consists of up to 20 players. You fly around the huge map, fight against other dragons in the air and ground. You eliminate your opponents by spitting fire and fireballs. Try to kill as many enemies as possible to earn money. Then you use the money to buy new dragons which are faster and more powerful. Learn how to fly, how to fight and how to become the last survivor.

To be the winner, you must become the most feared mythical creature in every battle. Don’t afraid of falling or failure because you always have a chance to prove yourself and show other players who are the true ruler of the sky. Hope you have a great time! Experience more thrilling battles and fun in Kowara and Squadd Royale.

Controls: Arrow keys/WASD to move, mouse to aim and attack, Space to fly up and Shift to sprint.

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