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Dream Chefs is not simply a cooking game that gives you a recipe and you start cooking. It’s more than that. Here at Friv Land, you will build your own restaurant and open new restaurants until you are the owner of the best restaurant chain in the city or even in the world. You start with nothing and you have to start buying furniture, cooking tools, and more for your restaurant. Your first restaurant serves steak. You will cook steak perfectly and serve it to your customer to earn money and develop your restaurant.

At first, only a few diners visit the restaurant, but gradually your reputation grows and more diners will come. Then you truly experience the fever of real cooking in the kitchen. You have to be quick to fulfill customer orders. You will see a bar next to each customer. It shows the happiness level of each customer. If your customers have to wait for a long time, that bar will drop a little bit and when it’s empty, they with leave with an angry face.

On Friv Cooking, don’t let it happen. To serve several customers at once, you should upgrade your kitchen. You will develop restaurants by level. At each level, you earn a tool to upgrade your restaurant. After completing all levels and purchasing all furniture for your current restaurant, you will open the next restaurant. In the new restaurant, you have the same mission and goal. Each restaurant specializes in a different cuisine. This refreshes the gaming experience and you don’t have to cook the same dish all the time.

This is a game worth a try if you love management and cooking games. So have fun and don’t forget to try out other fun games such as ToastelliaCooking Scene and Chef Right Mix.


Use your mouse to cook and upgrade your restaurant.

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