Drunken Tug War GamePlay:

Have you ever played tug of war? This is a fun game and also a sport. It tests the strength of 2 teams with a rope. You don’t need to find a physic rope and gather friends to play this game anymore. Just come to Friv games and play Drunken Tug War. You aim to try to drag your opponent across a centerline as fast as you can. The game offers 2 modes including 1-player and 2-player modes.

In 1-player mode, your opponent is the computer. Don't belittle because your computer opponent is stronger than you think. You have to make use of every single second to pull the rope along with your opponent to your side. If you let loose and lose focus, you can end up with a bad result.

However, you not only lose by being pulled to the opponent’s side but also by running out of health. Look at the ring. Do you see the green radioactive area? It’s the dangerous area that each time you touch this area, you lose some HP. Even when you are on your side but your health bar drops to zero, you lose the match.

On https://friv.land/, you have to take action faster than your opponent. This game will be better when you play with your friend in 2-player mode. It will be the real competition. You guys can play on the same device. Each controls a character and try your best to drag him or her across the line.

It’s simple to play but hard to win. Besides this game, you can challenge yourself in many games out there such as Chaos Gun Stickman and Viking Tavern.

Instructions: W or up arrow keys to play.

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