Extreme Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3 GamePlay:

Are you ready to challenge the Extreme Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3? It is a combination of a shooting game and an apocalypse theme, which will make you curious about the gameplay. First of all, you should choose the server based on your location, or create a room according to your preferences. Then, it's time to choose from two available game modes.


Certainly, it's a 3D shooting game in which the players have to move around to find the targets. Hiding in small and secure spots is also part of this fun Friv game. If you manage to shoot down as many soldiers as possible without being killed, you will proceed to be the top player. Let see if you can make it into the Leaderboard and gain the highest scores!


Each of the servers has its own story and features to be suitable with the chosen players. Take the time to remember the complicated control keys and you will master the game right away! Don't hesitate to try out all the game modes and learn the best tips for a battle.


Not only does this game have 3D graphics but it also combines the pixel element to it. Look up the realistic designs and amazing characters at http://friv.land/. with your friends! The collection of shooting games has multiple genres and themes such as Zombie Survival and Airpack



P to see the full screen

T to open chat box,

C to crouch

Left Ctrl to prone

LMB to fire

RMB to aim

R to reload.

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