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You are definitely attached to Flip The Gun in Friv.land. You direct a kind of weapon. It is a revolver. You make it rebound and jump to avoid falling out of the screen. If you feel blue, you can play and dive into this game. How many points can you get? Flip The Gun game of friv.con is entrancing and beguiling.

Flip The Gun free game is an amusing game on our website. This is a fun addicting game. The rule is very simple. It’s not the rocket science. You have a gun. You have bullets. The game is about bullets and gun. So what will you do at friv.con games? You will tap or click the screen so that the gun jumps and it doesn’t fall out of the screen.

You have a gun and 12 bullets. The gun drops from above. You must click to make the gun jump. It can jump high or low. In each time the gun jumps, it shoots a bullet. When you use up 12 bullets, you will lose your only one life. Some blue bullets drop from above. If you shoot at them successfully, you are recharged the number of bullets. The game is a balancing act of jumping and keeping bullets. You get points while you are playing on friv.con online games. We count the existing score and best score. You should try to break your own record.

Your life is taken away if you fall down. Replay to continue the game. If you feel bored, you can try on this game. When the gun fall and it’s about to touch the bottom of the screen, you will feel worried. Then you tap the screen immediately to make the gun jump. When you shoot a bullet, the gun will rebound. If you are not careful, you can make you fall out of the screen.  
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Use the mouse to click or tap the screen.

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