Fat Mario vs Zombies GamePlay:

Fat Mario vs Zombies is one of the latest games at https://friv.land/. It’s a shooting game in which you help Fat Mario defeat zombies. Zombies are invading the kingdom. You guys need to take action right now before it’s too late. Putting the adventure aside, Mario doesn’t hesitate to join the battle to protect his homeland but he needs your help. Help him aim and shoot down every single enemy. Mario can shoot fireballs and he will use this special ability to defeat zombies.

Don’t worry. As soon as zombies stay far away from Mario, he is safe. Only when zombies get close to Mario will he be in danger. However, in this game, Mario stays still and zombies won’t approach Mario but they will move around. This friv com school game features 18 levels in total with increasing difficult levels. Each level gives you a certain number of fireballs and you have to kill a certain number of zombies within those given fireballs.

The mission fails when Mario runs out of fireballs while the zombies are still there. The fewer fireballs Mario use, the more stars you get. You need a least one star to finish each level. As mentioned previously, the challenging level of the game increases as you will deal with more obstacles later on. Sometimes, you can’t shoot directly at zombies. You have to make use of surrounding objects and the walls to kill them.

How much time do you need to complete 18 levels? You don’t help any help here. If you fail, just restart that level. That’s all about this exciting game and there are more exciting games waiting for you here. Some of them are Mario vs Huggy Wuggy and Cowboys VS Robots

Instructions: Mouse.

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